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Mobile, Web and desktop
core business

Software development

  • Mobile APP's
  • WEB App's
  • Desktop App's
  • Software integrations
  • Websites (advanced)
  • Online Stores (custom)
  • AI & Advanced Algorithms

Integration of information, design, and technology.

The Possibilities are Infinite.


Mobile App's

We design and develop mobile applications for Android and IOS using the most modern frameworks. It can be a game, monitoring system or something different and innovative, you can always count on our team to advise, help and work for you.

  • Android & iOS
  • Fast & Secure
  • User friendly & Easy to use
  • Modern & beautiful design


He has experience in developing online platforms for business management, social platforms, games or online multimedia streaming. We take care of all stages of the project, from database architecture to front-end design.

  • Secure payment gateways
  • Online storage & databases
  • Business management systems
  • Online Stores & Websites

Desktop APP'S

We develop solutions that can be installed on computers or servers with Windows, MAC or Linux operating systems in the form of an “executable” or “service”. Our knowledge allows to combine different programming languages in order to create the perfect solution.

  • Windows, MAC & Linux
  • User friendly & Easy to use
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Compatible with server-side APP'S

Custom firmware

We create custom tailored firmware and ROM’s for your devices or any kind of capable hardware (ex: sensors, microchips, network equipment, computers, smartphones, etc…). We develop artificial intelligence algorithms that help optimize internal processes.

  • IA & Algoritmos Avançados
  • Digital Sensors
  • Micro-chips & Computers
  • Custom ROM's

Why choose us

On time delivery

Time is the most precious resource and because of that we don’t want you to waste yours.

Years of expertise

Long years of experience sets us appart and makes us the perfect choice for big project development.


In the information era, security is the most important part of any software. Our employees are experts in encryption and security.

Private Servers

We own last generation servers. We take care of everything  so you can focus on your business without any worry about security issues.

A Word from our executive

  • Denis Petrov

    Without doubt the quality of the product is guaranteed. But, on top of all we value the relationships with our clients and partners. By always following the most correct moral code we have guild our good reputation.

The importance of software in business

The software can be part of a business in many different ways. It can be a tool for better management, a selling platform or the product itself.

As a management tool, it has many functionalities focused toward better productivity and more control over your business. It can take care of complex operations in the management, production, transportation or organization side. We build tools that, very soon, become indispensable and in a short period of time bring financial benefits for the company in a direct or indirect way.

The software can be a sales channel or a sales platform of a business, in this case we are mostly talking about online stores or app’s that allow the user buy/sell products or services. Here at Petrov Network we care about security most of all. Not only by creating safe payment channels, but also securing all parts or pages of the online store or app we are building for our clients.

There are also businesses where the main  product or service is a piece of software, a digital solution or an online platform that can be sold or subscribed to. You can count on our team of experts to turn your business idea into reality that can be a very successful business. We are always available to help you in any technical matter, make some adjustments or maintenance.

Here is a list of some benefits that the software can bring to any business:

  • It handles management Tasks Easily.
  • It saves Time, labor and Money.
  • It increases efficiency and accuracy.
  • It stores all sorts of data safely.
  • It prevents "human" mistakes.
  • It keeps track of the business progress.

Riscs of "cheap" software

Cheap app development could kill your business – When it comes to technologies, the cost of a product hides lots of mysteries for a business owner, and development companies use this advantage to neglect possible risks and offer a low-cost development.

Choose quality and secure your investment with all of the sensitive data that the software is handling. Avoid malicious attacks, stolen data, and fines for not using recommended security measures and lack of quality of the software.

Here are some of the tactics that software developerment companies use to create low cost solutions:

  • A team of developers consists only of junior specialists.
  • Different members of the team work on several projects at the same time
  • Low level of scalability
  • Inability of developers to finish the product.
  • Big number of quality issues revealed after final tests
  • Missed deadlines all over the place
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